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Sod and Flowers Installation

Sod installation / planting

Sod and flowers installation in Atlanta Georgia, sod installation can be the best alternative for starting a new lawn or repairing a severely damaged one. Sod is professionally grown mature lawn that comes in large patches or rolls. Sod comes complete with soil and roots that establish themselves after a short while when you apply pressure and water. Installing sod requires a great deal or preparation, but it can also reap great benefits for your money and effort.

  • Sod lawn entails the installation of mature grass, if requires less care than seeded grass.
  • Sod lawn requires little regular maintenance after your initial care procedure of pressing the soil with a roller and daily watering to establish your lawn´s roots.
  • Seeding a lawn requires much observation and care for up to an entire year to make sure your grass grows property
  • Sod retailer will have provided you with lawn that has already undergone this process.
  • Sod can be planted on an incline without having to worry about seeds and soil shifting.
  • The sod will hold on inclines even in consistently rainy weather, whereas seeds may not.
  • Weeds can destroy your lawn. Fortunately, sod lawns come in patches or rolls of mature grass that is virtually weed-free.

Unfortunately, we do not offer this service anymore but we recommend Evergreen Outdoors.


Seasonal color / Flower installation

Whether you decide to do it yourself by running down to your local nursery and planting them in your landscape or allow us to design and plant them for you at the just the right spot, you can’t go wrong with adding some vibrant flowers to your landscape.

  • Flowers provide instant curb appeal which attracts attention from friends, visitors, and customers.
  • Flowers in a landscape improve a property’s appearance almost immediately and can increase a property’s value.
  • Flowers brighten a landscape after a long winter and bring in a welcome change of seasons with a splash of color.
  • Flowers help to soften harsh building lines.
  • Flowers, as well as other plants, have a positive impact on the environment by producing oxygen, filtering the air we breathe and helping to control soil erosion.

Our installation program is designed to enhance your property all year round.


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